Engineered Review™ Is…

  • The evolution of Managed Review, with more focus on automation, quality control, and client satisfaction.

  • combination of technology and workflow used to support proactive and reactive understanding of documents and emails alike.

  • Unique in its focus on Visual-Similarity-Based Classification which eliminates blind spots by providing complete Up Front Content Awareness.

  • compliment to content management and traditional document review systems which enriches those systems.

  • A way to achieve global enriched metadata repositories, allowing multiple controls including business purpose, legal coding, security classification, and retention management.

  • An opportunity to be more precise and knowledgeable in defining meet/confer, collection, and review requirements for e-discovery.

Choosing RedFile Engineered Review™ Services

  • Proactive Services and Strategies drive success in managing ever-growing digital content.

  • Visual Classification of Rationalized Data prior to Processing permits full Litigation Readiness.

  • Our Turnkey Services do not require heavy hands-on time allocations by our clients.

  • Engineered Review transforms linear document review with more power and precision than managed review.

Value-Added Benefits of Red File’s Engineered Review Experience

  • Greater accuracy through clustering like documents means less QC & fewer steps in your workflow with less error for later quality assurance.

  • Greater productivity saves time and reduces legal spend for the client.

  • Predictable litigation budget enhanced by delivering production data to the hands of your associates or counsel, faster.

  • Up-Front Content Awareness from unique initial content survey.

  • Fully defensible processes mitigate risk and improve cost savings.

  • Strategically diverse team with the right mix of subject matter expertise, experiential skills/abilities, and personalities.

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