An Overview of Visual Classification for Healthcare Professionals

Today’s healthcare provider faces the growing challenge of managing increasing volumes of data while maintaining system efficiency, security effectiveness and storage economy for both internal and external information. This data management challenge increases when considered through the lens of regulatory and policy compliance requirements maintained across multiple organizations and departments with complementary yet mutually exclusive information requirements. While there may not be a single information management system or process than can completely address all of these challenges, there is an advanced document classification technology that can help healthcare providers increase the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of current information systems and prepare for the ongoing challenges related to regulatory and policy compliance. The technology is Visual Classification from enterprise software and service provider BeyondRecognition.

A short description of visual classification as well as three practical healthcare-centric applications for this technology is provided below.


Click here for direct access to the PDF version of the complete overview on the use of Visual Classification for healthcare professionals.


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About Visual Classification

Visual classification technology enables data management, analysis and governance tasks by automating the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of data. Highlighted by Gartner and Forbes, visual classification technology is unique as it supports data reduction and classification of any data file structure, format or type.

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